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Proyecto Denitox


Valoriza Agua has signed with the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) an agreement for the implementation of the R & D DENITOX.

Within the Program of Science and Technology in Environment and Climate Change, co-financed by the Financial Mechanism European Economic Area (EEA-Grants) and CDTI.

Nitrogen has become in recent years one of the most important pollutants in urban wastewater due to the increasing industrial and agricultural activity occurred in recent times. The discharge of wastewater with high nitrogen content to surface watercourses may cause negative effects on them as reducing the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the receiving water, toxicity to organisms in the aquatic environment, health risks public and promote the process of eutrophication of water bodies, so the legislation regarding discharge is becoming more restrictive.

Nitrogen removal was traditionally achieved using conventional nitrification-denitrification system. However, nitrogen removal autotrophic based on a partial nitrification of ammonia to nitrite with an anaerobic ammonium oxidation, is presented as a novel alternative for the removal of nitrogen in wastewater.

The DENITOX project, which will end in December 2015, aimed to develop a new environmental technology for removal of nitrogen based on autotrophic anaerobic ammonium oxidation process, applied mainly to the sludge dewatering effluent.

Achieved the expected goals of DENITOX project, Valoriza Agua will have succeeded in developing a new technology for nitrogen removal, characterized by a lower sludge production, reduced energy consumption in the process of removing nitrogen, over the conventional process.

To implement the project, Valoriza Water has the support of the Research Group MITA (Environmental Microbiology and Techniques), University of Granada, which has extensive experience in the development of systems for nutrient removal in water waste, and the Norwegian Research Center Vestforsk, specializing in industrial ecology.