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Sacyr Water is awarded several operating and maintenance contracts for water treatment plants in Navarre and water management in Biar (Alicante)

  • Sacyr will manage 111 wastewater treatment plants and will serve more than 84,600 inhabitants in the Autonomous Community of Navarre.
  • The management of water in Biar is the first contract of the water cycle in the Valencian Community by Sacyr.

Madrid, May 16, 2019.- Sacyr Water has won several contracts for the operation, maintenance and conservation of wastewater in Navarre and for the management of drinking water supply and sewerage in Biar (Alicante), for an amount totaling 14.6 million euros.

In the Northwest and Pyrenees of Navarre, Sacyr Water has won the contracts for the operation, maintenance and conservation of transport and wastewater treatment facilities for an amount of 4.6 million euros over four years. This contract, awarded by Nilsa (Local Infrastructures of Navarre), a public company attached to the Local Government Department of the Government of Navarre, includes a total of 106 wastewater treatment plants.

In the southeast of Navarre, Sacyr Water has managed five Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) since October 2018 for an amount of 1.4 million euros over a period of four years. These treatment plants serve a population of 23,500 inhabitants and process 4.62 hm3/year.

This contract, awarded by Nilsa, includes the WWTP of Valtierra-Arguedas, Bajo Ebro (towns of Cabanillas, Fustiñana, Ribaforada, Ablitas and Buñuel), Cortes, Cadreita and Castejón.

Experience in wastewater treatment

Sacyr Water closes the water cycle with its treatment in water treatment plants before returning water to nature. WWTPs, designed, built or operated by Sacyr Water in cities such as Madrid, Puertollano (Ciudad Real) and Murcia, are able to effectively treat a total of 890,000 m3 per day. In 2018, the company has treated 56 million m3 of wastewater.

Management of water supply and sewerage

Furthermore, the water subsidiary of Sacyr has won the concession for the Potable Water Supply and Sewerage Service of the municipality of Biar (Alicante) for a term of 20 years and an amount of 8.6 million euros.

Among the most valued aspects of the service management that Sacyr Water will provide are human resources and additional services such as the maintenance of ornamental fountains and technological implementation.

Among the priorities in the service, the innovation, the preservation of natural and environmental resources and occupational health and safety in all processes stand out.

Sacyr Water carries out the management of the complete water cycle and operates and maintains more than 13,000 km of supply networks and more than 108,000 drains and manholes in six countries, in which it supplies 10 million inhabitants.

In 2018 Sacyr Water has made an app available to its customers so that they are able to access the virtual office from anywhere, which allows obtaining the invoice for the service in a faster, more comfortable and environmentally sustainable way; as well as sending meter readings, reporting incidents and simulating the next invoice, among other functions.

More about the virtual office: